Pinterest for Business

Never underestimate the power of a good picture, and a push pin. Aside from the nostalgic memory of hanging celebrity crushes all over your bedroom wall as a pre-teen, push pins, specifically red push pins have become the iconic sign of Pinterest. Ever since the 2010 launch of the app in San Francisco, Pinterest has become a favorite bookmarking tool for millions of people.

This free app is available on desktop, Android and iOS which enables you to pin almost anywhere.  Available in over 30 languages, Pinterest can be a good way to optimize exposure and keep your target audience talking.  

Looking for a new Moroccan inspired recipe? Try Pinterest. Need a DIY project for the home office? Give Pinterest a look.

Pinterest offers some good marketing tools for businesses. They also offer different types of pins that helps to make navigation easy.

Here are the 6 types of Rich Pins that include information on the pin itself:  

  • App pins - includes an install button so your app can be easily downloaded without leaving Pinterest.
  • Place pins - this pin can include maps, addresses, or phone numbers.
  • Article Pins - gives headline and a short description of the article.
  • Product Pins - includes real time pricing and where the product can be purchased.
  • Recipe Pins - includes recipe ingredients, cooking temperatures and more.
  • Movie pins - includes ratings, reviews and cast members.   

Buyable pins are also available and allow businesses to post a picture of a product with a blue “Buy It” button. This innovative convenience promotes impulse shoppers to buy your product on the spot.  Businesses can also create a “Pin It” button with the widget builder which can be added to your business page or business blog. Lastly, businesses can capitalize on search engine exposure by purchasing popular pins. These tools are a great way to boost visibility however, they aren't critical.

Businesses should try to post frequently and strategically. Crossing posts on your Pinterest account with your other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are definitely a good idea. Make sure to be clear and concise when branding images and have fun by creating dialogue with your target audience.


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