Insights from a CooperVision® student ambassador

The CooperVision Student Ambassador program can provide insights not only into the contact lens industry but also on what to expect from contact lens education for students who are earlier in their optometry school journey. Here’s what University of Missouri St Louis College of Optometry student Lacie Spagnola had to say about her experience with the student ambassador program so far:



Q: What made you decide to apply to be a CooperVision student ambassador?

A: I wanted to get involved in optometry school and was interested in getting familiar with our clinic. This has helped me to do both and learn more about contacts. It has allowed me to have a better understanding of contacts now that I am in a contact lens course as well.

Q: How have you worked to represent CooperVision to your school?

A: I wear CooperVision lenses myself and due to my prescription have limited lens options. CooperVision are the only lenses that meet my needs for comfort and I express this to fellow students frequently. I encourage them to try CooperVision lenses based on my own personal experiences.

Q: Do you expect your CooperVision student ambassador experience to help you in your career?

A: I think my experience as a student ambassador will help me in my career. This position has helped me to get a better understanding of contact lenses, particularly CooperVision lenses, so that I can better fit patients in the future. It has also allowed me the opportunity to build a good relationship with CooperVision; and the more positive relationships the better in such a close-knit community as the optometry community.

Lacie spoke to the relationship-building that the program has allowed her as well. “Being a student ambassador for CooperVision has also helped me to build relationships with other faculty and doctors at my school,” said Spagnola. “I work with the faculty to keep contact lenses stocked in our contact lens room, so it has allowed me to lay the groundwork for a good relationship with them when I enter into clinic this summer.”

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