PODCAST: What to Consider for a Successful Career Path

As the field of optometry becomes increasingly competitive, early-career professionals are seeking guidance on how to navigate their career paths successfully. With the industry witnessing an expansion in roles beyond traditional clinical practice, such as leadership, academia, and industry positions, the necessity to gain diverse skills and build a robust network has never been more essential. Recent studies indicate that networking and mentorship significantly contribute to career advancement in healthcare professions.

So, how can an aspiring optometrist or a young professional build a successful career in this evolving landscape? What skills, experiences, and relationships matter the most?

In this episode of ECP Viewpoints, Host Dr. Tara Vaz delves into the multifaceted sphere of eye care professionals with her esteemed guest, Dr. Quy Nguyen. Together, they unravel the secrets to carving a successful career path in optometry, shedding light on vital elements like skill enhancement, effective networking, and the importance of mentorship.

Drs. Vaz and Nguyen discuss:

  • The significance of setting clear career goals, expanding skills, and gaining diverse experiences
  • The power of networking and mentorship, both formal and informal, in providing guidance and opening doors in the field
  • The importance of communication skills, not just for patient interaction, but for effective leadership



Dr. Nguyen is an accomplished optometrist with a wealth of industry experience. He is a respected leader and educator at the SUNY College of Optometry, where he has implemented a formal mentoring program. Known for his commitment to nurturing the next generation of optometrists, Dr. Nguyen brings invaluable insights into the intricate pathways of optometry careers.

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