Adopt-a-Patient recipient shares his story

In the past, we have shared fantastic Adopt-a-Patient™ stories from the optometry students and doctors who fit our lenses through the program.

This month, we share a letter that we received from a patient: 11-year-old Miles. 

Thank you, Miles, for taking the time to share your contact lens story with us.  We’re glad you’re doing awesome with your new contacts… and you need to know that you made our day when you sent this.


My name is Miles, I am almost 11 years old. I am so thankful for CooperVision helping me out and making my life easier by helping me see.

I involve myself in a couple sports such as Jiu Jitsu & Football. These two sports are very physical. I used to wear glasses during both of these sports. I have broken four pairs of glasses. One of those times the frame snapped, broke from the impact & it cut my face. I tried sport goggles they fog up, I couldn't see & the strap would hurt my ears from pushing them down. It was very frustrating.

During Jiu Jitsu is where I've had most of my issues. I get pulled, thrown, smashed, flipped and choked. With my contacts I can see what’s in front of me. I can find ways to pass their guard, get out of their grips to find a way out to win the match. Wearing my contacts also keeps me and my opponent safe from being cut by my broken frames during a match.

I attached pictures of some of my Jiu Jitsu tournaments so you guys can see what your gift has allowed me to do.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to have been selected to be an "Adopt-a-patient by CooperVision". This will allow me to keep pursuing Jiu Jitsu safely and comfortably. I hope that more companies will open their hearts as you guys have to kids like myself.



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