International Experts Advocate for Global Awareness of Myopia as a Disease

Myopia is not just a refractive error but fits the definition of a disease that must be treated. This is just one of the key takeaways from a white paper authored by an international panel of pediatric ophthalmologists that was recently published in Healio.

“We owe it to our patients to not only help them see clearly but also to minimize their final myopia,” writes co-author Christie Morse, MD.

Dr. Morse and her colleagues also urge treatment as early as possible in growing children and cite this as the obligation and responsibility of the child’s eye care provider.

Other key insights from the paper include:

  • Every diopter matters when it comes to everyday life and long-term eye health complications related to myopia1.
  • Empower staff to look at every child with myopia as a contact lens candidate.
  • Managing myopia progression is a team effort of ophthalmologists, optometrists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and school nurses.

Read the entire paper published in Healio here.


1. Bullimore MA, Brennan NA. Myopia Control: Why Each Diopter Matters. Optom Vis Sci. 2019 Jun;96(6):463-465.

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