How to Sharpen Your Myopia Talk in a Few Easy Steps

When optometrist Eleonora Orloff grew up in Ukraine, she wore spectacles and performed eye exercises and other vision therapy techniques at the advice of her parents who hoped this would stop her myopia from worsening.

“Eye exercises with relaxation were popular there, and at the time, it was the only option to try and slow myopia progression, even though they weren’t effective,” Dr. Orloff says.

Today, Dr. Orloff is a founding partner of Bronx Eye Associates, which focuses on full- service eye care, including pediatric myopia control. 

Here, Dr. Orloff shares parent communication strategies on how to create short yet impactful myopia speaking points during the consultation.

Lean into Trust

Since Dr. Orloff opened the doors to Bronx Eye Associates two decades ago, the long-term relationships she’s cultivated with families have in turn created a bond between eye care professional and parent, she says.

“When I recommend that a child start myopia treatment early, parents trust me and my expertise. A doctor’s reputation is priceless,” she continues.

Building on that trust, Dr. Orloff meets every family at their knowledge level and makes sure to translate complex science behind the treatment and related studies into easily understandable terms that resonate with families.

Read the rest of Dr. Orloff’s myopia communication strategies that were featured in a recent issue of Review of Myopia Management.

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