Mini Marketing Series: Getting Started with Social Media & Internet Advertising

Mini Marketing Series: Getting Started with Social Media & Internet Advertising

Do you currently advertise locally – perhaps in the Yellow Pages or other media? Despite the economic downturn, it’s actually a perfect time to step up your marketing and advertising efforts to differentiate your practice and attract new patients.


Invest Now for ROI

By investing now, you will be creating a great competitive advantage since some will be pulling back on marketing and advertising. I’m not suggesting further investment in traditional mediums such as television and radio (although these may play a role for your practice). I’d like to talk about using social media and internet advertising.


If you’re looking to attract more patients or differentiate your practice, now really is the perfect time. It’s never been easier or more affordable to get your message in front of your target audience.


Attract More Patients!

You may be saying: “Yes, I’d like to attract more patients and differentiate my practice, but how does it all work?” Actually, there are several options for targeted, measurable, and impactful advertising via the internet. There are plenty of highly trafficked internet properties where you can deliver you message to people in your local area.


These internet properties include, for example:

Each of the above offers paid advertising options. They’re very similar to each other. They each provide an easy-to-use dashboard for you to define your message (i.e. advertisement), select demographic variables, establish a maximum budget, and monitor your traffic and click-thru rates. Ultimately, you want to monitor and measure your ability to convert people who click on your ad to a patient exam or material purchase.


Learn More

You can learn more about these advertising options by taking a closer look at the following web pages (if you’re too busy, delegate this task to your office manager or other staff member). Here are three of the top options for online advertising:


  • Check out success stories from happy Google AdWords clients. Click Here
  • Watch a demo of Yahoo’s Advertising for Small Business. Click Here
  • Take a look at Facebook’s easy-to-use advertising options. Click Here

If you’re already advertising in other mediums, you may want to reallocate a percentage of your budget and test how internet advertising works for you.



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