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Facebook was created 10 years ago with the purpose of keeping college students connected. Fast forward to the year 2014 - a new version of Facebook, used by all age groups, is also an effective marketing tool for businesses. According to Business Insider, Facebook is the most popular social media site, and reaches a wider audience than all other platforms. The Wall Street Journal explains that 29% of Facebook users engage in Facebook simply to find product reviews and information, and 35% of users claim that Facebook has an influence on their purchasing decisions. Additionally, Impact Branding and Design reports that 80% of people prefer to get coupons, promos, and discounts from brands through social media. Millions of small and large businesses use their Facebook page and Facebook advertising to market all aspects of their company.

The first step in marketing through Facebook is to create a business page. Set up your page to include your business name in the web address (i.e. Be sure to include your practice address, hours, and contact information. Also customize your page with pictures of the practice, doctors, and staff. Then invite your patients, friends, and associates to like your page, as well as put the link on your website.

Once you have a business page created for your practice you can begin marketing to your patients with the help of these easy tips:

  • Engage

Consistently post to your Facebook page to engage your patients. Be authentic and include original content relating to your practice or eye care. Interact with your patients by posting questions, pictures, videos and relevant articles and information. It is important to respond to any questions or comments to let your patients know you are listening and care. 

  • Promote

Create a Facebook contest or excusive deals for your Facebook fans. Make them feel as if they are receiving insider info by following you on Facebook. Also be sure to post about any product promotions or sales occurring in the practice.

  • Advertise

Facebook ads are a way to target new patients. Create different ads to engage specific audiences. Also use the ad tools to reach friends of people who have already liked your page. Once someone sees their friend has liked your page, they will be more likely to visit it and like it themselves.

Marketing on Facebook is easy and has proven to be very effective. Be sure to monitor and note what works well and what doesn’t. If you continue to measure the outcome of each action you take on your page, you will get a better idea of what type of things your Facebook fans enjoy, and be able to target them even more effectively.

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