Managing your Facebook Insights

Woman holding an iPad with Facebook login.

Facebook keeps an extremely robust analytics archive of your page that, as an admin, you have access to use and help measure and manage the user interaction on your page.

Facebook Insights is massive. The good news is that most of it is unnecessary, but we’re going to go over the insights that you can focus on in order to improve your content strategy and overall engagement.

How to Access Facebook Insights

As an administrator, you are granted access to the “Admin Panel” which is located right above the cover image on Facebook Timeline. There are 5 standard sections. Click on the section marked “Insights”.

Cut Out Useless Metrics

Once inside your page’s insights, it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry there is no need to overanalyze useless information. Just focus on the following metrics.

In the “Overview” Section:

Total Likes – The total number of users who have liked your page. This is an important figure for observing how your content posting is translating into more engagement and more people liking your page, letting you know they want to receive your content.

Weekly Reach – The 7-day count of unique users who have seen content from your page. The amount of users you are reaching has a direct correlation with the amount of engagement your content gets, and the amount viral ‘likes’ you receive.

Page Posts – Here is where we can look at how your posts have individually performed. You can use this metric to determine which content being posted is optimal for your fan base, as well as what days you receive the most engagement. Your ‘Virality’ is the percentage of users who have liked, commented or shared your post out of the number of unique people that it reached.

In the “Likes” section:

Gender and Age – Use these demographics of your page to help aid when creating content for your page. If your page is heavily female-based, your content should reflect that to capitalize on the potential for engagement.

Applying Insights to my Page

Your insights are there to help you find inefficiencies in your interaction. But what affects interaction? Content. 90% of all Facebook interaction happens in a user’s newsfeed. To stay relevant in a user’s newsfeed you have to develop relevant content. So use your page’s insights to guide you in the development of your content strategy and overall page marketing.

For example:

    • If you’re gaining “Likes” but are struggling with “Reach” and “Virality” you more than likely need to look at the quality of your content and/or posting frequency
    • If you have a consistently strong “Reach” and “Virality” but are struggling to gain new “Likes” look into how you’re marketing your page. Email your patients with call to actions to your page; include a social plug-in on your website, etc.

Try not to get lost in your insights but do pay attention to them. They can help grow your optometric practice’s Facebook page’s presence. For more on how to build your practice’s online presence, keep reading the CV+ blog for easy and quick tips.


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