Maintaining Patient Comfort and Fit

Maintaining Patient Comfort and Fit

As an eye care professional, ensuring that your patient is comfortable and fitted correctly in a contact lens is essential. One of the main reasons that patients stop wearing contact lenses is because of discomfort. Eye care professionals can prevent contact lens dropout in their practices by maintaining patient comfort and fit.

However, there are patients that may be hard to fit. Finding the perfect fit with multifocal and toric contact lenses can take more time than with traditional spherical contact lenses. Fortunately, CooperVision offers a variety of tips and tools for eye care professionals, especially for hard to fit contact lens patients. Make sure to take advantage of our free fitting tips, tools, and resources in order to maximize fitting effectiveness and your practice’s efficiency:

  • Lens Locator: helps eye care professionals locate CooperVision lenses by prescription, schedule, or modality.
  • ToriTrak Calculator: helps eye care professionals use the most accurate method of fitting our toric contact lenses and is designed to eliminate errors in estimating lens rotation.
  • MultiTrak Calculator: eye care professionals can calculate multifocal lens parameters directly from a spectacle prescription or an over-refraction, using lens-on-eye information.

    CooperVision also offers additional resources like fitting consultants. Sign up for a My CooperVision account for exclusive access to all of these tools for your practice. Make sure to follow us @CooperVision on Twitter and like us on our Facebook ECP Timeline for the most current content on ways to help build your practice.

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