Throughout 2021, CooperVision will host The ECP Viewpoints Peer-to-Peer Virtual Learning Series: a collection of conversations BY eye care providers FOR eye care providers.  Recognizing the value of peer-based, insight-driven exchange - as is showcased here on the ECP Viewpoints blog - this webinar series will bring practitioners together to host conversations around timely topics in the eye care industry. They will share current industry insights, best practices for business success in our current healthcare environment, peer reviewed and other pertinent research, as well as their own experiences with the CooperVision products that best help them to help their patients.  Attendees will have the opportunity to pose their own questions and insights throughout each webinar event.

The topics and schedule will be updated here on ECP Viewpoints periodically, so bookmark this post and check back throughout 2021 for future webinar topics and schedules. Each topic will be offered on multiple dates across multiple time zones to best accommodate eye care practitioners' busy schedules. Both doctors and eye care staff are encouraged to attend, learn, and participate. 

For the first phase of the series, which will be presented from November 2020 through January 2021, the key topics are:

Taking Action Toward Recovery: COVID and SiHy 1-days

COVID-19 has changed patient/consumer perspectives on preventative care and buying behavior.  This presentation will explore consumer preference for home delivery and other contactless business transactions, their heightened interest in healthy/preventative care options and the business opportunity this creates for practices to adapt, address patient concerns and retain contact lens sales.  We will explore the health advantages of SiHy 1-days and the opportunity that clariti® 1 day and MyDay® contact lenses offer to address the needs of practitioners and patients alike.

Digital Eye Strain in a Global Pandemic

Digital device use has increased significantly with COVID-19.  This presentation will explore stats around the ways digital device use has increased in the COVID era, the advantage to the practice in proactively addressing digital eye strain symptoms for patients, and the science behind digital eye strain and Biofinity Energys®

Managing the Presbyope with Astigmatism

Many astigmatic presbyopes drop out of CL wear due to suboptimal correction options.  This presentation will discuss the opportunity to better meet the needs of astigmatic presbyopes and keep them in contact lenses, the financial implications of contact lens drop out, and the opportunity for the both the practice and the patient when prescribing Biofinity® toric multifocal. 

Below is the schedule with registration links for January 2021. Registration is required, so sign up to attend and mark your calendars today!




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