Grow Your Practice With Patient Messaging

Smiling female optometrist with patient

Communication is the key to any great relationship. It’s especially important with your patients. Whether you connect to your patient base via email, phone call, text, or online through social media and review sites, the more personal the exchange the more likely that person will want to come back in for an appointment. This may seem like a daunting task, but using patient communications software, like WebSystem3, you can create better relationships with your patients, save your staff valuable time, and increase revenue by filling your open appointments. Here are some examples of how patient communications software can help your practice:

  • Notices and Appointment Reminders: Retain patients and make sure they get a reminder to come in often for an appointment. Automated appointment reminders by text, email, and prerecorded phone calls will save your staff hours of work.
  • Surveys, Notifications, and Newsletters: Surveys will help show that customer service is important to your practice, and they can be used as valuable tools in your office. Thank you letters and surveys customized for your office will give your patients a personal feel without hard work on your end. By sending patient notifications reminding them their glasses or contacts are ready to be picked up, you will show how important they, along with their eye health, are to you. Newsletters can give your office a chance to reach your patients more often by giving them meaningful articles to read on a quarterly basis.
  • Custom Mailings and Promotions: Send out custom emails to your whole patient base or educate your patients about products and services you offer with promotional mailings. Everything should be customized and designed for your practice.
  • Online Profiles: Facebook, Google, and Yelp are important websites to have profiles on. Sending satisfied patients to your online review profiles will help you not only retain patients, but gain new patients through online reputation.
  • Mobile App: Use the newest technologies to stay connected with your patients. Allow your patients to download an app personalized for your practice to request an appointment or order contacts. Promotions, the newsletter, and contact information will also be visible.

Personal communications with your patients will not only enable you to retain your current patients, but fill your appointments with new patients as well. Successful patient communication, while important in the office, is equally important outside the office. With patient communications software like WebSystem3, your practice can build your relationships with your patients as well as save you time and make you money.

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