Go Mobile! Update Your Facebook Fan Page On the Go

There are currently over 500 million people on Facebook - did you know that almost 50% are accessing Facebook through their mobile phone*? While there are downloadable apps to access and update one's personal Facebook profile via a smartphone, we haven't yet seen an app to manage a Fan Page.

So how do you update your business Fan Page while you're on the go? Follow these simple instructions and you're as mobile as ever:

1. On your phone, find the picture that you would like to post.
2. Click “Share”.
3. Click “Email”.
4. Send to the assigned email (each Fan Page is assigned an email that allows you to update and post to the Fan Page Wall - you can find this in the “Mobile” tab under the "Edit Profile" section).


5. Place the caption you would like for the picture in the “Subject” line. 
6. Click “Send” and it should load straight to the Fan Page wall!

You can also update the status of your Fan Page (post without a picture) by sending an email to the assigned email - just type what you would like to post in the subject line and leave the body blank.

There are other methods to update your Page via a mobile phone, including a texting option and specific options for iPhone users. For more information, visit the "Mobile" tab under the "Edit Profile" section of your page.


*According to Facebook Statistics, there are over 500 million users worldwide on the social network. Over 200 million users are accessing Facebook through their mobile phone (12/10).

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