Improve Your Profitability with SiHy: Understanding the Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Lens Upgrades

Contact lens and eye

Despite advances in contact lens materials and an increase in lens options available, some eye care practitioners appear reluctant to upgrade patients to the latest technology, according to a survey conducted by CooperVision and Optician1.

Nearly half (49 percent) of practitioners surveyed said they would leave a patient in a contact lens for one or two years before offering an upgrade and only a small minority (7 percent) said they would wait three years or more or wait for the patient to ask (7 percent). However, in reality, market data for the same year showed that only one in eight contact lens appointments resulted in a switch to an alternative lens2.

When asked why an upgrade to another lens would not be recommended, practitioners were most likely to cite ‘there is no clinical reason for changing’ (96 percent) or ‘the patient is happy with their current lenses’ (86 percent). Whereas those who advised switching from a hydrogel to a silicone hydrogel daily disposable were most likely to cite ‘ better ocular health’ (92 percent) or ‘better for long-term wear’ (82 percent).

Most practitioners questioned did advise, however, that they recognized the positive effects of a proactive approach to upgrading for themselves and their practices, while acknowledging the necessity of support from manufacturers by way of point-of-sale materials as well as training in customer service, communication and the technology itself. 

Dr. Jack McIntyre of discusses how the upgrade to SiHy is good for both the patient and the financial health of the practice:


And now the CooperVision 1-day portfolio offers even more silicone hydrogel options for your patients.  With the launch of MyDay toric this month, the MyDay family now includes both sphere and toric options for a true upgrade in 1-day silicone hydrogel technology.


As you begin the new year, set up some time to discuss your 2018 strategies with your CooperVision sales representative and learn how the CooperVision portfolio of products can support your success.

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