A First Hand Look at Contact Lens Manufacturing

A First Hand Look at Contact Lens Manufacturing

Thanks for the kudos, Dr. Stein! Below is an excerpt from the blog of Drs. Stein and Goldschneider regarding a recent ALLDocs Board Members visit to our Puerto Rico manufacturing plant:

I just returned from an excursion to Puerto Rico along with a group of some of the leading contact lens fitting eye doctors in the country.  We were invited by CooperVision, a company which is a leader and innovator world wide in the manufacturing of soft contact lenses.  One of CooperVision's manufacturing plants is located in a modern and beautiful facility in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico.  Our group was priveleged to be invited down for a tour of this facility.

When we arrived, we were required to cover our shoes, hair (including facial hair), and clothing before we entered.  We also washed our hands thoroughly with antimicrobial soap.  Your contact lenses are manufactured under the most sterile of conditions.

During the tour, I was particularly impressed with the work ethic, enthusiasm, and pride in which each employee approached their responsibilities.  It is fascinating to observe and to learn of the detail which goes into the development of a single soft contact lens.  The lenses are made through a process of molding a combination of water and plastic material.  Each lens is inspected through a computerized instrument, and any lens exhibiting the slightest imperfection is discarded.  Even the packaging must be perfect in order for the contact lens to be approved.

Soft contact lenses are considered to be one of the greatest technological innovations of the past 50 years.  It is truly amazing that a tiny piece of material popped easily onto our eyes can be so comfortable and can enable us to see so clearly.

It is equally "eye opening" to be made aware of the tremendous amount of work, expense, and detail in which Coopervision exhibits in order to research, develop, and manufacture a soft contact lens, so that our lenses can provide us with excellent vision, and can be worn comfortably and safely.

Rolando Torres, General Manager of the CooperVision Manufacturing facility in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico responded to Dr. Stein’s post, saying, ““At CooperVision Caribbean (Puerto Rico Operations) we are very proud and excited about showcasing our processes, technologies and products to our visitors, especially to our customers. This provides us with the opportunity to share with others the pride and commitment of our associates’ in a work environment of excellence and world class manufacturing. We also look forward to these visits because they provide us with valuable feedback that helps us improve continuously and become even better at what we do”.

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