COVID-19: An Update from CooperVision

To our valued customers:

These last two months have been unbelievably challenging for eye care professionals. You have juggled the complex needs of your practice, your staff, your patients, and your families—all while facing questions about what lies ahead. As many of you determine the best way to reopen your practices, we realize this brings new uncertainties.

Our goal is to be with you as you move forward. In our desire to be good partners, we are striving to provide you with the support you need, whether your practice remains closed, is back open, or is at any stage in-between. We have continuously revisited the programs and processes we have in place to ensure that they’re still meeting your needs, and we have identified new ways to help as you prepare to get back to practice and ramp-up:

Eye Care Practice Survival Guide

In these free e-books, we have collected resources and guidance from experts across the industry to support your efforts getting back to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Practices Webinars

Later this month, we will kick off a series of seven webinars featuring CooperVision’s Best Practices honorees, “Best Practices to Get You Back to Practice.” The honorees—spanning from over the program’s five years—will provide insight into their personal experiences with their practices during the pandemic, and share their advice for reopening. Stay tuned for more details.

Convenient Virtual Patient Rebate Program

To help you continue to drive contact lens sales in your practice during this time, we have a completely contact-less and mobile-friendly consumer rebate program. The entire process is online, from the submission to the fulfillment of payment for the patient.

Addition to Extended Lock-ins on Pricing Programs

In recognition that some practices may not be able to see patients for a significant amount of time, we are providing more lock-in extensions for customers who are already enrolled in specific pricing programs. Extending this promotional pricing will enable you to leverage the discount we have committed to you.

Extension on Free Direct-to-Patient Shipping

We are extending our free freight offer for direct-to-patient contact lens delivery of any two multipacks or more through July 31st, 2020. Lenses are shipped to patients via FedEx 2-Day Air or USPS on your behalf, coming from the eye care professional they know and trust. We also continue to provide reimbursement for Authorized Distributors to participate in this direct-to-patient delivery program.

Return of CooperVision Reps to the Field

Beginning on May 18, our sales team will be ready, willing, and able to complete on-site practice visits (when in compliance with applicable government regulations and guidelines). Our reps are all equipped with appropriate PPE and have received instructions on health and safety procedures in line with CDC recommendations. Visits will be at your discretion, and reps will continue to be available to service your account virtually as preferred.

Guidance on Telehealth

We understand that you may be exploring options and making decisions on how best to move forward to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of your staff and patients. Telehealth solutions are leading a digital transformation with many eye practices, and CooperVision can help. We can provide guidance on many different telehealth solutions in the marketplace to help you choose the best possible options for your practice. Please contact your CooperVision sales representative for more information.

Essential Hospital Workers Complimentary Contact Lens Program

Eye care professionals who choose to take advantage of this program are able to offer complimentary contact lens refills (limited to one box per eye) to their patients who are essential hospital workers in their communities. Through this program—which runs through June 5th—CooperVision will provide the lenses to ECPs at no cost.

The road to recovery will require patience and partnership, diligence and ingenuity. We are working to develop additional support programs and resources, which we’ll soon share. This is only the beginning. Please know that we are with you every step of the way, and remain committed to doing everything we can to help.

Brighter days are ahead.

Best regards,

Jerry Warner

Executive Vice President Americas & Global Commercial Functions


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