CooperVision Online Success Center continues to Expand Offerings

To make contact lens information and training resources widely available and easily accessible to eye care professionals (ECPs) and their staff, the CooperVision Online Success Center continues to expand.

The Online Success Center has added an additional category called HIVE (Headquarters for Innovative Vision Entrepreuners) which brings lessons and insights to young ODs newe to practice - from financial planning to evlauting contracts to why its valuable to become an Academy Fellow.

Based on requests and feedback from ECPs the HIVE category brings a 10th learrning category to ECPS and staff. The other n8ine focus areas are:

  • Myopia Control: Training on MiSight® 1 day for myopia control in age-appropriate children to support myopia management as the standard of care.
  • SiHy 1-DaySilicone hydrogel contact lens materials and their ocular benefits for patients.
  • Toric Contact LensesInsights to help meet the needs of patients with astigmatism.
  • MultifocalsMultifocal contact lens education to maximize success when fitting patients with presbyopia.
  • Science of Contact LensesInsights into the science behind contact lenses to improve patient care.
  • Technicians, Opticians, and StaffTraining resources for staff, opticians, and eye care technicians.
  • Technology in the Eye Care PracticeImproving outcomes and practice success with technology.
  • Digital Device UseMeeting the needs of modern lifestyles by helping address eye tiredness and dryness two common symptoms associated with digital eye strain.
  • Sustainability in PracticeEmbracing sustainable practices and products to do the most good for our planet —and grow a practice.
  • Webinars and PodcastsConversations in contact lens care with practitioners and industry thought leaders.

To access CooperVision’s Online Success Center, register at or click the top banner on the main page of the ECP Viewpoints blog.

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