Email Marketing Best Practices

Eyecare patient at her laptop

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and not receive a single “like” or comment? It can be disappointing, and you may feel as if this whole “social media world” isn’t right for your practice. Don’t give up so easily. There are many ways in which you can create Facebook content to get people talking about your eye care practice.

Keep it short and interesting

Get straight to the point and keep each post focused on one key point or suggestion. Post content that is relevant to your fan base and eye care practice. Take the time to analyze your audience by using Facebook Insights.

Mix it up

People love variety. Not only can you post articles related to optometry, but you can post funny pictures or videos too. Photos have more interaction than statuses, links or videos and, therefore, get the most engagement and have the most visibility. Contests are also a great way to engage with your fans. Wildfire web app is a useful tool for creating an interactive contest.

Try to ask questions

Asking people a question is an easy way to get your fans to interact on your practices Facebook page. People want to engage with you if they’ve liked your page, so give them a reason to!

Don’t over-post

Don’t get me wrong. You need to be posting consistently, but keep your posts between 4-5 times per week. More than that and fans may get annoyed and unlike your page. Make your posts count!

Have a monthly topic

This is an easy way to come up with content. Plan ahead what topics you want to cover in each month and make that your focus. Try to find articles, photos, videos, etc. that pertain to that topic. For example, March is the month for March Madness. Your status updates could possibly include questions about favorite teams, photographs of players that wear prescription sports glasses, and a “Final Four” contest of your own, asking about new frames you have in at your practice. The possibilities are endless!

Promote a post

Figure out what type of post you are getting the most patient interaction with and consider promoting them to your fans and friends of your fans. Promoting a post will help with your exposure and will help ensure that more people see your posts.

Try one the above tactics and see what works best for your practice.

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