The Convenience of an Annual Supply

As an eye doctor, you care about your patient’s eye health. One important factor to consider when you have a patient in the chair is whether to sell a patient an annual supply of contact lenses. Selling your contact lens patients an annual supply is not only convenient, it can save them money, help keep them compliant, and is a great way for you to build your practice too.

Some of the benefits of selling an annual supply of contact lenses to your patients are:

Setting up patients to remember their annual eye exam

When you offer your patients the option to purchase an annual supply of contact lenses, you are giving your patient a chance to plan out their next eye exam. It is simple. Once the patient runs out of contact lenses, they can come back to your practice for an annual eye exam and get their next annual supply.

Saves your practice time:

By selling your patients an annual supply of contact lenses, you save your staff the hassle of having to take the time to dispense a partial order midyear. It also saves shipping costs too.

Increases revenue and cash flow:

When you sell an annual supply, you increase cash flow at once because you are collecting revenue in one complete transaction instead of delaying part of the sale.

Helps keep patients compliant:

When patients have an annual supply, they are more likely to be compliant with sticking to their replacement schedules.

These are just a few reasons why selling an annual supply of contact lenses is good for both your patient and your practice. If you are looking for more resources to help you and your practice, make sure to visit our Build Your Practice section on our site.

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