Best Practices Honorees Unite For Toy Drive

Toy drive

Over the last two years, an unexpected but wonderful benefit to CooperVision's Eye Care Best Practices program has been the honorees' connections to each other. Recently, that collaboration reached a new level with a "surprise guest" at Amarillo Vision Specialists’ "Sight Before Christmas" Toy Drive.  Fellow honoree Dr. Will Tantum of Blount County Eye Center flew to Amarillo from Tennessee to help Dr. Shauna Thornhill with her cause! 

Will and Shauna

Working together, Dr. Thornhill and Dr. Tantum provided 220 eye exams for people in need—and collected even more toy donations for Amarillo Toys for Tots. CooperVision is proud to have made this partnership possible for these inspirational ODs.

Toy drive

This year’s toy drive was an unprecedented success. “We performed 220 free eye exams and collected 8,046 toys,” says Dr. Thornhill. “At an average of $18 per toy, that’s $144,828 worth of toys.” Shortly after the event, Dr. Tantum weighed in on the experience.  “What happened in Amarillo this weekend was nothing short of amazing!” said Dr. Tantum.  “Shauna is such a great person, and I would have never connected with her if it weren't for Best Practices. We've built a friendship now that I honestly believe will continue to evolve into ways to help more and more people.”

Congratulations to all involved for this year’s tremendous success.  CooperVision is honored to have played a part in it.

Toy drive
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