Best Practices Honorees Past and Present Convene at the EYEdea Lab


CooperVision presented the EYEdea Lab at Optometry’s Meeting™ in Denver, Colorado on June 21st. The event took place on the exhibit hall floor in a specially designed space that allowed interaction not just between honorees but also with meeting attendees.  A first for the Best Practices program, the EYEdea lab brought current honorees and alumni together to brainstorm some of the current challenges facing our profession.


Moderated by Dr. David Ricketts, an Innovation Fellow at Harvard University, the event allowed Best Practices honorees to leverage their collective experience and expertise for the purpose of advancing the profession “visually without words.”

Topics focused on changing customer preferences and buying decisions, and the patient experience in the practice. Honorees made the experience truly interactive by taking the experience outside of the EYEdea lab’s plexiglass walls, interviewing attendees in the hall and even bringing them back to the EYEdea Lab to showcase their ideas and solutions.

Nine of the 2018 Best Practices honorees participated and were joined by past honorees, Dr. David Kading, Dr. Shauna Thornhill and Dr. Jason Ortman.

Information collected from the event will be presented at the Global Contact Lens Forum Breakfast at Vision Expo West in September.  To learn more about CooperVision’s Best Practices program, visit

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