Best Practice Honorees Share Their Management Pearls

From now through October 31, applications are being accepted for the 2018 Best Practices program.  Best Practices is designed to honor unique and innovative practices nationwide and to elevate the profession through the meaningful exchange of ideas from its honorees.  To that end, some former Best Practices winners shared their top management pearls with us this month.

Brent Fry, OD

I would list specialization as my number one management tip.  I believe that those of us who try to be all things to all people are bound to fail.  My main focus is specialty contact lenses and premium quality optical goods.  I realize that I am not going to make everyone happy, but if someone is wanting the best in eye care, I want to be the best in town.  I invest in the best quality diagnostic equipment in order to provide my patients with a memorable experience in our office. 

Brent Fry, O.D.
Premier Eye Care
Knoxville, TN
2017 Best Practices Honoree

First and foremost, keep the technology of the office up to date.  I recently purchased an OCT.  By reviewing the results of the iWellness Scan with the patients, we WOW the patients and earn their trust ensuring that they will be loyal patients who refer friends and family.  Secondly, I cannot overemphasize the importance of social media marketing.  Since I hired a social media marketer, our reviews on Google and Facebook have skyrocketed.  Practically every day I see one or two patients who decided to see me based on our outstanding reviews.

Britney Caruso, O.D.
Caruso Eye Care
Lake Worth, FL
2017 Best Practices Honoree

Treat staff and patients as you would want to be treated in all decision making.  In my opinion these decisions often should not be profit motivated but relationship motivated. We are in healthcare because we are service oriented first and foremost. The results will build your practice faster and stronger than can imagine.

Beverly Jue-Smith, O.D., M.B.A.
San Ramon Family Optometry, Inc
San Ramon, TX
2016 Best Practices Honoree

If you want to get more involved with lecturing or writing articles for publications, just ask! Many organizations are seeking high quality optometrists for these positions. If you are passionate about something - take action. Knowledge is not power unless you take action. 

Stephanie L. Woo, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.S.L.S.
Havasu Eye Center
Lake Havasu Arizona
2017 Best Practices Honoree

Invest in your staff. From hiring the right people, to continuing staff education and compensation; investing in your staff is paramount to the success of your practice.  And involve yourself in your local community.  This is important as it builds relationships with other business owners and community members.

Jason Ortman, O.D.
Castle Pines Eye Care
Castle Pines, CO
2017 Best Practices Honoree

Try new things professionally to grow your practice.  Never done ortho-K?  Learn about it and implement.  Don't have business chops?  Go to a business seminar, get a mentor.  Don't be intimidated by a lack of expertise in a specific area.  You can become an expert in any field you have a passion for!

Katherine Schuetz, O.D.
Little Eyes
Carmel, IN
2017 Best Practices Honoree

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