Insights from Best Practices Webinar Series: Embrace and Thrive With Telemedicine

CooperVision presented the fifth in the Best Practices webinar series, "Best Practices to Get You Back to Practice" on June 11th at 8pm.  The topic for the fifth webinar was "Embrace and Thrive With Telemedicine." The webinar featured Best Practices honorees Chris Smiley OD, of Vision Professionals and Tiffany Lione, OD of Associates in Eyecare, Optometrists.  Additionally, CooperVision's Steve Rosinski, OD shared insights on CooperVision's digital offerings such as OptiExpert™. Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO, Senior Manager of Myopia Managment for CooperVision, hosted and moderated the conversation.

Drs. Smiley and Lione also shared their top tips related to telemedicine as practices reopen:

  1. Keep regular communication with your patients.

    Inform them about your telehealth services and expectations regarding how and when to use. Keep a consistent message through  all your channels to reach patients.

  2. Keep staff engaged in your visions and philosophies.

    Success starts with a solid plan that has staff buy-in. Intentionally schedule time to train and provide a forum for staff input in telehealth implementation to make it as successful as possible.

  3. Implement more medical care into your practice.

    Continue representing to your patients and the community that  you are a primary eye care provider and that your medical expertise, particularly in telehealth, can save the patient time and money compared to urgent cares or the emergency departments.

  4. Continue to learn about telehealth platforms and their utilization.

    Telehealth is quickly evolving in the area of eyecare. Utilize webinars and other education to learn best practices and stay up to date.

  5. Begin to view telehealth as an additional exam lane.

    Take time to brainstorm and think outside the box as to how you can best utilize telehealth in your practice, today and into the future, to increase revenue and improve the patience experience.

A pdf of these tips can be downloaded here:

Tune in June 15th at 8pm for the sixth and final webinar in the series, "Help Your Patients Adapt to Increased Screen Time," featuring Drs. Stephanie Woo and Raj Patel.

The full lineup of topics, dates and registration pages can be found HERE.

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