Tips for a Successful Application

Are you considering applying to CooperVision’s Best Practices℠ program? Below are some helpful tips to make your application stand out, including examples from real responses from previous honorees.


No one knows more about the inner working of your practice than you do. This is your time to shine, so don’t be shy! Make sure to expand upon your answers to include specific examples of the work that sets your practice apart. The Best Practices℠ application is most definitely a place for you to brag about yourself, your practice, and your success.

GOOD: Our practice is known to go above-and-beyond for our patients.
BETTER: We create an exceptional patient experience by simply living out our mission statement, which is to “provide the highest quality of eye care available in a comfortable, professional setting.” Over the years, we’ve cultivated trusted doctor-patient relationships by educating each of our patients with cohesive, easy-to-digest terms. At the end of each visit, we’ll ask our patients if there is anything we didn’t discuss that they may have been wondering about, which has proven to be impactful in developing a stellar patient experience.


Focus on measurable results. We don’t doubt that you’ve gone out of your way to ensure the growth of your practice, so tell us just how much your efforts have contributed to its success. If your practice has gone above-and-beyond to make a difference in lives of your staff, patients, and/or community, share details about the impact that it has made.

GOOD: After implementing new services, our practice was able to increase our revenue.
BETTER: Since opening our practice in 2011, we have expanded our practice’s services by building a myopia management clinic from the ground up. As a result, we’ve not only increased our revenue by nearly 80%, but have created an impressive referral network that consists of more than 100 new professionally referred patients annually.


Your efforts don’t have to be groundbreaking to make a difference. The small, everyday measures that you take in your practice undoubtedly contribute to its overall success – whether you have focused on staff morale, patient experience, improved processes, or everything in-between. Share what you’ve done that has made the biggest impact on your practice – even if you don’t think it’s innovative!

GOOD: We make a point to put our patients first in our practice by making them feel like they are the most important people in the office.
BETTER: Our staff does not take a “cookie-cutter” approach when it comes to enhancing the patient experience. By leveraging the DiSC® model – a personality assessment – each of our team members is trained to read different personality types and how to best communicate with each of them. By giving each patient a totally customized, unique experience, our patients leave feeling special and valued.


Shine a spotlight on where you and your patients thrive. Whether you’re committed to making an impact in your community, enhancing the patient experience, or advancing the industry, there is something that makes you and your practice tick – so tell us! Don’t be shy when it comes to elaborating on the area(s) where you succeeded. Your everyday routine could inspire action for other likeminded eye care professionals.

GOOD: We have adopted myopia management as a sub-specialty in our practice. We believe it is important to educate patients and parents about the increasing prevalence and severity of myopia, and what they can do to manage it.
BETTER: In 2014, we opened a second practice to provide eye care exclusively to pediatric patients. From child-sized furniture to displays of art by other patients, the entire office is designed to put children at ease. During this expansion, we made specific decisions to improve our myopia control care. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to myopia management, which starts with a myopia consult where we’ll discuss the patient’s treatment options, including MiSight®, orthokeratology, atropine, or soft multifocal contact lenses. Based on the patients’ lifestyle and genetic history, we’ll then work with the patient to decide which option is best for them. We also offer both in-person and online educational sessions to both patients and their parents to further educate them about myopia management on an ongoing basis.

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