Woman wearing a mask with fogged glasses

More than eight in ten people reported glasses fogging when using a mask (86 percent for the glasses-only group and 87 percent for the dual wear group).1 The findings match a separately conducted CooperVision-sponsored study in Europe, where 86% of respondents said they had the same challenge.2

A significant proportion of the dual wearing population turned to their contact lenses as a solution for fogging. 38 percent said they used their contact lenses more frequently. 31 percent shared they wore contact lenses in situations or for activities where they would have previously relied on their glasses.

This NEW CooperVision Consumer Insight Series report “A Global Perspective on Glasses Fogging” provides some compelling insights as well as steps that ECPs can take to engage glasses wearers about fogging.

Use anti-fog wipes and sprays - Ensure top edge of mask fits closely against face, and glasses fit on top - Consider contact lenses to eliminate issue completely - Use surgical tape to secure the top edge of the mask

1 CVI data on file 2020. YouGov Plc online consumer survey October 2020. Total sample size was 8,203 adults aged 18+ in US, Japan, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands and Australia who either wear glasses only (n=4,139) or wear both glasses and contact lenses (n=4,064).

2 CVI data on file 2020. Covid-19 glasses users survey, Verve, September2020. Base (all respondents): Total n=150 per country (Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, UK and France, total n=1050).