Biofinity Energys®: The contact lens designed for an evolving world

Biofinity Energys® represents a significant breakthrough for sphere wearers, with innovation that addresses today’s digital lifestyles head on. The Biofinity Energys® Digital Zone Optics lens design, together with Aquaform Technology, helps with eye tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye fatigue.1

Biofinity Energys Box Photo Biofinity Energys Box Photo

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Behind the scenes look at Digital Zone Optics® lens design

Digital Zone Optics® lens design helps with eye tiredness.

The technology driving a comfortable, high performing lens

Digital device users blink less when looking at screens which may result in eye dryness, but Aquaform® Technology helps with eye dryness.

See how your peers are winning with Biofinity Energys®

CooperVision® had a conversation with Andrew Neukirch, OD, about his own experience prescribing Biofinity Energys® and why Biofinity Energys® is his lens of choice.

Patient feedback on Biofinity Energys®

Not only are eyecare professionals seeing outstanding results; patients are also noticing the difference. In fact, 95% of wearers who switched from another contact lens said Biofinity Energys® met or exceeded their expectations.2

12 billion
times a day, Americans check their phones3
22 years
is the amount of time the average American will spend looking at screens4
of wearers said that Biofinity Energys® help their eyes feel less tired at the end of the day compared to their previous contact lenses2
of wearers agreed their eyes feel relaxed while using digital devices when wearing Biofinity Energys®2
of prescriptions for Biofinity Energys® are for new contact lens wearers5
Give your patients what they are looking for.

Nearly 4 out of 5 contact lens wearers are interested in knowing more about reducing eye strain/tiredness associated with digital devices.6

Take advantage of the Biofinity Energys® marketing kit to help educate them about their options for helping with the eye tiredness and dryness they likely experience as a result of their digital lifestyles.

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