Biofinity: Improving the Way People See, Whatever Their Visual Needs

No family of lenses better exemplifies CooperVision’s mission to improve the way people see every day than Biofinity®: available in sphere, toric, multifocal, and extended ranges. The family now includes Biofinity Energys®, designed to help with the tiredness commonly associated with digital eye fatigue.  

What makes the entire Biofinity® family of contact lenses so special? Innovative technology is incorporated in the design of every lens; innovations that include:

  • DigitalBoost technology - an innovative single vision aspheric lens design that delivers a +0.3D boost, which helps reduce eye tiredness associated with digital eye strain.
  • Aberration Neutralizing System in Biofinity® sphere and XR features unique aspheric optics that enhance vision by minimizing spherical aberrations inherent in both the lens and eye.
  • Balanced Progressive Technology® in the Biofinity® multifocal provides exceptional vision at all distances.
  • The Optimized Ballast Toric Design of the Biofinity® toric and XR toric features a wide ballast band that provides greater stability and predictable visual acuity.
  • A Rounded-Edge Design is utilized in all Biofinity® lenses. An optimized back surface combined with this rounded-edge design enables easier fitting and better comfort.
  • The Aquaform® Technology found in all Biofinity® lenses provides an advanced material technology that hydrates contact lenses to twice their weight in water1 for natural wettability and incredible comfort; Can help eyes feel less dry, even during times of less blinking. 

The Biofinity® family of lenses covers the refractive needs of nearly every patient. With the addition of Biofinity® XR, sphere powers range from -20.00D to +15.00. Biofinity® toric reduces rotation on the eye while optimizing lens position for more stability, resulting in lenses that orient consistently and predictably. And Biofinity toric XR adds 16,000 additional options for patients with high refractive error. With sphere powers ranging from +10.00 to -10.00, cyl powers up to -5.75 and axes available in 5-degree intervals around the clock, the Biofinity® toric family enables practitioners to offer comfortable, reliable contact lenses even to patients who may have been told that contact lenses aren’t an option for them.

With the addition of Biofinity Energys®, the Biofinity® family of lenses introduced a whole new kind of visual option, tailored to today’s modern digital lifestyle. Described as “the must have item of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show” by Digital Trends, Biofinity Energys® employs DigitalBoost technology to improve the visual comfort of digital device users and is suitable for all spherical contact lens wearers. 

From sphere to specialty, only Biofinity® offers options for all your patients’ refractive needs.

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