Top Ten Twitter Tips

Claim your Twitter handle

Your Twitter handle is your “@username” that will display your tweets. It is important to claim this before someone else does.

Post Tweets about your brand as well as tweets about topics outside of your brand

Your patients do not want to constantly see tweets related to optometry; show them your personality! Tweet about upcoming events in the area or even retweet something you found interesting. The key is to keep them engaged.

Use hashtags or “#” in your tweets

You do not want to overdo the number of hashtags you use in a tweet. Some popular trends in the eye care industry are #eyecare, #optometrist, #contactlenses.

Develop a marketing plan for your Twitter account

Promote your Twitter handle through your website. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature, appointment reminder cards, and your business cards.

Don’t start your tweets with a hashtag

If you begin your tweets with a hashtag, it will most likely be regarded as spam or even an automated tweet. Use hashtags, but be sure to mix them in with the tweet.

Use the “@” symbol to network and retweet to other sources

If you are going to share a tweet with your followers, be sure to give credit to that person/organization by using the ‘@’ symbol before the retweet. This is also a great way to network with others on Twitter!

Use keywords in your Twitter bio

Your bio on your profile is very important for SEO on Twitter. Be sure to use keywords, even hashtags, in this bio

Add a creative custom background to your profile

Create a custom background to expand your practice’s image beyond the typical profile image, bio, and username. You can use sites such as Twitpaper to customize your background.

Add a Twitter profile photo

Add a picture of your practice, staff, or logo. People will not want to follow an account that does not look legitimate.

Engage with your followers

If a patient replies to your tweet, be sure to respond back and address them specifically using the “@” symbol. It will show that you are involved!

Do you have any extra Twitter tips? Make sure to share them with us!

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