Ways Your Practice Can Utilize Instagram

Are you looking for a way to increase your mobile social platform? One application that has caught the eye of many social media users is Instagram. Today, Instagram has more daily active users on mobile than Twitter.

Instagram? What is that?

Instagram is a free mobile photo-sharing app with over 100 million registered users. This smartphone app enables users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with other Instagram users, as well as on a variety of other social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter. HootSuite(a social media management site) has recently added Instagram to its app directory. This enables HootSuite users the ability to access most of Instagram’s features; which include searching, viewing and liking content, adding comments, and sharing photos to other social platforms. Not only can Instagram increase presence on mobile devices, but it can potentially increase your overall social media presence.

Here are some ways that you can use Instagram to promote your practice:

Show Products You Carry

This will tempt Instagram followers to come into your store to see the products you feature on your account and try them on. Since Instagram is a visual platform, it is a great way to catalogue your inventory for your patients.

Go Behind the Scenes of Your Office

It’s not every day you see what goes on in the back of an optometry practice. If patients get access to see what you do as an eye care professional, they will get excited about coming in for their next appointment.

Show What Your Products/Office/Equipment Can Do

What do your products look like when they are being used? What does your equipment do? Show followers using Instagram! (You can also use one of their many cool filters to make the photo look even better!)

Give a Sneak Peek

Post photos of exclusive promos, offices in the making, or new products coming in. This will keep followers up to date on what your office is doing and may get them to actually come in and take you up on your new offerings.

Show everyday life in the office

Let people know other places you go such as fundraisers, vacation, etc.

Your office also has fun outside of the office so show followers that!

Showcase the staff

The office wouldn’t run without the help of these people. Show followers who they will be seeing if they come in!

Share celebrity sightings or pictures of celebrities wearing a product you carry

Celebrities are very influential, especially when it comes to fashion. Instagram photos of celebrities wearing frames you carry.

Convey important information

Everybody learns something new every day…teach followers the importance of getting exams, wearing sunglasses, etc.

Make people say, “awww!”

Everybody loves a photo of a child or pet wearing something adorable…like glasses!

If you’re still questioning about what to post on Instagram, here are a few tips on Instagram to get you started.


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