Introducing MyDay® toric

MyDay toric

This month, CooperVision launches MyDay® toric daily disposable contact lenses.  With the Biofinity toric lens design and remarkable softness and breathability, MyDay toric has been described by CooperVision’s Steve Diamanti, PhD as “our most anticipated product launch in my time here at CooperVision.”

Proven toric design features

With Biofinity toric’s proven Optimized Toric Lens GeometryTM, MyDay toric capitalizes on the proven success of the world’s most prescribed monthly soft toric lens. Features of the Biofinity design include:

  • Uniform horizontal ISO thickness: improves lens stability and reduces rotation for better visual acuity
  • Smooth, continuous ballast: maximizes comfort during eyelid interaction
  • Larger toric optic zone: Provides clear visual acuity
  • Optimized ballast toric design: Provides a stable, comfortable fit


Our best toric lens to date

David Browning, OD had the opportunity to begin fitting MyDay toric lenses this fall and was pleased with MyDay toric’s comfort, stability and vision.

Contact your sales representative today to learn more about MyDay toric.

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