SVOSH Stories - Taylor and Kevin

In our ongoing series on the student experiences from SVOSH trips, we hear this month from Taylor and Kevin, both optometry students at the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State.  CooperVision is proud to support SVOSH programs at every school and college of optometry in North America.  Check back next month for another amazing SVOSH story.

“My favorite patient of our 2018 VOSH trip to Dominica was a 14 year old special needs boy named Tobit. His mother led him to us, he looked down at the ground and was non verbal.  As we began the exam, we quickly realized he had a very high plus prescription. Upon further discussion with Tobit’s mother, we realized that he had had surgery as a baby to remove congenital cataracts, and did not receive a lens implant. It had been several years since Tobit had any glasses, and Mom said he always just threw them off in the past. We found a pair of +16.00 bifocals and as we placed the glasses on Tobit’s face, he looked up at us, his eyes widened, nystagmus slowed, and he reached out to grab our hands. It was life changing for Tobit, his mom, and everyone else around who got to experience such a special moment.” -Taylor

“My favorite patient came into our remote clinic during our second day. The most appreciative 60 year-old man that I've ever met walked in from the street, shook my hand, and thanked me for coming before I even started the examination. At that time, he had already asked if I was returning next year so he could see me again. Many of the patients we see do not have access to prescription medications, so he was elated when I told him he was getting new glaucoma drops from us that day. Again, the most genuine and thankful person I’ve ever met! What an amazing experience!” -Kevin


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