Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Congratulations Doctor!

It’s not easy to become a Doctor of Optometry. It requires big dreams, remarkable dedication, long hours, and enormous effort. When you finally achieve this goal that has been so long in the making, you deserve congratulations for your achievements and appreciation for all you have accomplished.   

Most graduates don’t achieve it alone. On some level, it takes partnership, collaboration, and support. At CooperVision, we have a long history of partnering with optometry schools and colleges of optometry to help students develop their skills and knowledge to prepare them to fit virtually every patient with a contact lens that can change their lives. It’s always been one of our priorities. We share the same values as graduates who seek out opportunities as ODs to help people see clearly and live better. 

Like you, we’re dedicated. We share the commitment to doing what it takes to help patients live their lives to the fullest. You’ve shown you aren’t afraid of putting in the hours and the effort and we’ll be with you as you apply that dedication to your new profession and practice.  

Like you, we’re inventive. We do our best every day and that includes always trying to find a way to do things better. We’ll never stop developing new ways to help you serve your patients in innovative ways.

Like you, we’re friendly. In the years to come, you’ll find that we are approachable and easy to work with. We always focus on the best interests of eye care professionals, making it easier for you to do the same for your future patients.

And like you, we’re partners—partners to you as you partner with patients to find the best solutions to their unique vision needs. We value and look forward to years of teamwork with you. Together, we’ll help people see better each day. 

“The determination of the students graduating this year has been tremendous,” says Dr. Steve Rosinski, Senior Manager, Professional & Academic Affairs. “Everyone at CooperVision is truly proud of you. As you enter the profession, we know that you’ll come to appreciate that no two days are ever the same and that, during every one of those days, we’re here to support you in your commitment to this profession and your patients.”

You didn’t achieve your new accomplishment alone. We can’t achieve our goals of providing a contact lens for every patient alone either. We look forward to continuing the partnership that began during your education as you build on this accomplishment with countless others to come.

CooperVision congratulates each and every graduate this year! 

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