Multifocal Myths Debunked: Myth #5

Multifocal Myths Debunked: Myth #5

MYTH #5: After the initial fit, if a patient presents with a distance VA problem, you should always adjust the power of the (D) lens.

FACT: The majority of distance vision issues are resolved by adjusting the (N) lens, in the distance zone.

This myth is responsible for more failed fits than nearly any other factor with the Proclear Multifocal. Since both lenses incorporate distance, intermediate, and near vision, often the problem with the distance vision will be in the (N) lens.


Here is a quick example:


Now, when tested binocularly the patient’s complaint of distance blur is eliminated.

The reason this process is so effective is due to the separate zones of both the (D) and (N) lenses. Over refraction is simple, quick and to the problem. Next time you have a distance complaint with Proclear Multifocal try this procedure - it’s quick, exact and effective.

Want to add to your fitting success? Use a product that is designed for simplicity by virtue of its optical technology.

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