Building Your Practice with Digital iHealth and Multifocals - Part 1

Building Your Practice with Digital iHealth and Multifocals - Part 1

Dr. Jason Miller and Dr. Mile Brujic recently co-presented a CooperVision sponsored webinar on titled Building Your Practice with Digital iHealth and Multifocals. Below is a summary of the business of multifocals portion of their presentation, written by Dr. Mile Brujic:

There are a number of reasons why patients will discontinue contact lens wear.  Discomfort of lenses is one of the main reasons that this will occur.  Another major factor is decreased visual acuity, which is contributed in part by uncorrected presbyopia.  There is an opportunity that exists for helping our presbyopic patients function in their environment without the need for glasses.

Recently it was reported that 8% of current presbyopic patients wearing contact lenses were educated about multifocal contact lenses.  Incumbent upon us as eye care practitioners is to educate these patients about their options so that a treatment that is mutually agreed upon between the patient and practitioner based on the patients needs and practitioners professional judgement.  By discussing multifocals and the benefits they may offer, you do two things: 1) offer the patient a truly customized approach to vision correction and, 2) Separate your practice as one that emphasizes the newest technologies.

The benefits to actively providing this option to your patients are multi-faceted.  In addition to meeting visual demands and exceeding expectations come the benefits of increased patient referrals to you practice.  This is typically seen initially by the patients family and then by friends of the patient.  This increases patient demand and sets your practice as a leader in offering new technologies to your patients.  Both the patient and practice benefits are viable reasons to embrace multifocal technology contact lenses for your presbyopic patients.  By doing so you will deliver both patient and practice benefits.

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