CooperVision Fitting Consultants Help ECPs Improve the Way People See Every Day

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At CooperVision, we're determined to match our high-quality lenses with the expert technical support you need to fit them as efficiently and effectively as possible. That's why we have a dedicated team of fitting experts ready to weigh in when questions arise and to help you improve the way people see every day.

Fitting consultants on the CooperVision North America team are NCLE-certified consultants.  ABO-NCLE certification demonstrates that an ophthalmic professional is qualified and competent.  According to ARBO-NCLE, “It proves that this person takes pride in their profession and in maintaining up-to-date skills and knowledge. In particular, it identifies to the public that this professional is a dispenser who will handle your needs with competence – someone who can be trusted to provide the quality care you want and deserve.”

Bonnie Mendel, Senior Contact Lens Consultant, describes the consulting process as a mix of technical know-how and listening skills.  “We are provided patient information – spec Rx, HVID, age of the patient, occupation, dryness issues, the preferred modality,” she says.  “This data allows us to design the best product out of our diverse product line.  Sometimes we need to help fine-tune the fit because patients come back with comfort or vision issues, so the consultant needs to be a good listener in order to direct the caller to the best lens options, helping the patient see and feel their best.”

Jessica Chandler, a Customer Service Specialist currently working toward her NCLE certification, already agrees that the personal connection is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.  “I am reminded of a call I received from this lovely doctor who believed we could help, although wasn’t sure how,” recalled Jessica. “A new patient she received had incredibly poor vision, bordering on legally blind. The previous practice this patient went to ultimately told her that what she was seeing would be the best she would ever get. Undeterred, this doctor called to explain the situation. We spoke a lot about our Hydrasoft lens and how it may help this patient due to its wide prescription range and larger diameter to assist with stability. She was elated, and even more so at how happy her patient was going to be. We ended up ordering a pair of Hydrasoft to begin the fit process and the patient is seeing better than ever. Can you imagine going through life seeing only a portion of what you are capable of seeing? The world is such a beautiful place and each of us at CooperVision has the unique opportunity to help improve the way people see every day.”

Lisa Valencia has been with CooperVision for 30 years and served in the role of Consultation and Training Manager for 12 years before transitioning to her current role as Lens Care Product Services Manager.   According to Lisa, the success of the consulting team is the result of genuine commitment.  “Most of the lens consultants have been helping their customers for a very long time,” says Valencia.  “They tend to stay in these positions because they really like what they do.  They build long term relationship with their doctors, and in turn, those doctors feel comfortable not only calling them with complicated fits, but with every day fits as well. Doctors tend to establish personal relationships with our consultants and ultimately, they feel comfortable calling them and talking through all aspects of their contact lens practice.”  Valencia notes that the team fields roughly 400-500 calls per week.  “They help with the difficult fits: with new fits that doctors know will be challenging, with complicated refits. Doctors call with findings and ask what can be done to improve the vision.  The consultant team works through those cases with each caller to help those patients see better every day.”

The CooperVision fitting consultant team is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to CooperVision’s mission in this unique and important way.  “During my 30 plus years at CooperVision I have enjoyed many phone relationships, it has been my pleasure to serve them, to hear about their challenges and successes,” says Bonnie.  “I would never have thought when I started on the production line all those years ago that I would have been given the opportunity to work myself up to the position I hold today.  I will be forever grateful to my early mentors for their faith in me.”

Consultation is Available 9:00 to 5:30 EST Monday – Friday.  To reach one of our Consultants call 1-800-341-2020 and select Option 4.

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