CHANGING THE GAME for Practitioners

MyDay® multifocal contact lenses offer ease of fit, inspire confidence, and enable prescribing for more patients with presbyopia.

When fitting multifocal contact lenses, achieving “first-fit success” used to be rare. Now, with the game changing MyDay® multifocal from CooperVision®, what was once a phenomenon can be an everyday occurrence.1*

MyDay® multifocal features the CooperVision Binocular Progressive System®, an innovative 3-add system that caters to all levels of presbyopia with simplified fitting, and optimal visual acuity at all distances.1

  • Fast and easy fitting2   
  • Exceeding the expectations of patients3‡    
  • Inspiring confidence in practitioners1*  

MyDay® multifocal delivers on it all, and prescribers of the lens are sharing what it means for their practices.

Today’s practitioners work hard to maximize efficiency, and with MyDay®multifocal, 97% of patients can be successfully fit in just one visit.1* What has been your experience relative to fitting this lens?

Patel: I have years of experience fitting multifocal contact lenses, and what’s unique about MyDay® multifocal is just how quickly and consistently you can achieve the right fit. It takes only moments to get really sharp acuity. As a practitioner, it inspires confidence.

Heitmeyer: I agree that the fitting process is very simple. Normally, I’m accustomed to seeing multifocal patients back for follow-ups—one or two visits before we finalize the prescription. But based on my experience fitting MyDay® multifocal, I have enough confidence in the lens not to need them back in the office again.

Do you attribute the first-fit success to the fitting guide and/or the CooperVision OptiExpertapp?

White: The fitting guide makes all the difference. Our technician chooses the initial lens based on the fitting guide, and rarely do we have to make changes. The ease of fit makes it so much easier to get patients the acuity they need right off the bat. It’s been great.

Foster: Honestly, I was surprised by the fitting   guide. I’m guilty of thinking I don’t need one, I know how to fit a multifocal lens. But my advice to others is to use it—there’s a reason for it. CooperVision®   was thoughtful in how they developed the fitting guide since MyDay® multifocal is different from traditional multifocals. And what makes it different is what makes it perform so well, too—the Binocular Progressive Systemwith the low add in one eye and varying the add in the other to help with near vision.

Dr. Patel and Dr. Heitmeyer mentioned confidence. How has your confidence in fitting presbyopic patients increased with MyDay® multifocal?

Tang: I had confidence in the lens before I even started fitting it, just because I know CooperVision® makes incredible contact lenses. But after trying MyDay® multifocal on the first handful of patients and seeing their positive reactions—and the very few changes I needed to make after the initial fit—I realized it really is a game-changer. This lens is now a big part of my practice.

Patel: It’s great to feel so confident in the outcomes. It used to be that with existing multifocal wearers, you crossed your fingers and hoped they didn’t have any complaints because you didn’t want to spend the time to make changes without knowing if you could get a better result. Now that I have a lens that delivers on comfort and visual acuity, it’s much easier to ensure patient satisfaction.

Heitmeyer: I find I’m more confident in switching patients from other lenses. I might say, “While you think you’re happy, I think there’s an opportunity. It sounds like maybe your near vision is a little compromised, or maybe you’re not seeing well at a distance. I have something new that will meet all these visual demands, as well as deliver excellent comfort and handling.”

What are the benefits of MyDay® multifocal’s broad range of parameters?

Flanagan: The range of this lens is so good. Having quarter steps in options that we’ve never had before just really improves patients’ success and fitting in distance. A half step is a lot of power one way or the other if it’s not right, so having that range available improves everything.

Heitmeyer: I have a patient who is a -9.00 with allergy issues, and previously, we could only fit her in a monthly lens because the availability wasn’t there—and what was available didn’t work for her. Having MyDay® multifocal available in her prescription, coupled with the benefits of a 1-day lens for her allergies, truly prevented her from becoming a contact lens dropout.

Tang: I love the range of vision of this lens. It’s really pretty incredible, between the distance and the near. I was the biggest skeptic about having enough near vision, knowing patients were going to only have the dominant eye with the low add. I was so used to doing medium adds in both eyes all the time but knew I’d have to change my ways and do what the fitting guide said to do. And it’s been a great success.

Expand your presbyopia toolbox with MyDay® multifocal, which is available in the largest power range of any 1-day multifocal contact lens. 4

(As seen in a recent issue of Optometric Management).

* Up to two pairs dispensed on first visit - (first pair 73.1% and second pair at 24%)

‡ Comfort diaries on insertion, after 4-5 hours and after 8-9 hours on days 1, 6 and 13.

1. CVI data on file 2020. Prospective, double-masked, bilateral, one-week dispensing study with MyDay® multifocal; n=104 habitual MFCL wearers.

2. CVI data on file 2021. Observational in-practice assessment with MyDay® multifocal in US with 40 ECPs and 372 wearers.

3. CVI data on file 2021. Prospective, subject-masked, randomized, bilateral, two-week dispensing study at 5 US sites with MyDay® multifocal; n=58 habitual multifocal contact lens wearers.

4. CVI data on file 2021. Prospective, subject-masked, randomized, bilateral, two-week dispensing study at 5 US sites with MyDay® multifocal; n=58 habitual multifocal contact lens wearers.

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