CooperVision Support for you and your Patients

covid19 Support Resources

As your trusted partner in contact lenses, our teams are examining every area of our business to identify opportunities to support you, your practices and your contact lens-wearing patients during the current COVID-19 crisis, and as you begin to re-open your practices.  To help you easily navigate these resources we’ve created this ECP toolkit to provide you with the support CooperVision is offering, as well as links to relevant and credible information for you and your patients. 

As our North America President Jerry Warner shared in the recent #Save2020EyeCare, “we are in this together.”  In fact, we depend on each other not just now, but as look forward to our recovery.  For everyone at CooperVision, our values of partnering, and being inventive, friendly and dedicated do not just apply during the best of times, they are even more critical in more challenging times like these.

Please click below to learn more about our initiatives to support you and your contact lens wearing patients including:

  • Continued manufacturing and shipping.
  • Free shipping for direct-to-patient orders.  
  • Modified consumer rebate policies.
  • Extended payment terms.
  • E-commerce contact lens services.
  • Digital assets to help you communicate with your patients.
  • Patient education on contact lens safety and screen time.

Our thoughts are with you and the people in your lives - professional and personal. As we bring additional information and resources forward, you will find them here.   Speaking for the thousands of CooperVision employees in the United States and worldwide, we are committed to supporting you in any way we can. Together, we will get through this.


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