PODCAST: Philanthropy in Eye Care

For eye care professionals, philanthropic efforts to bring eye care to those in need can be a rewarding experience. ECP Viewpoints reached out to two esteemed vision practitioners who joined forces on a vision care mission. The two are Best Practice honor recipients from CooperVision. Dr. Brittani Carver-Schemper from the Better Vision Optometric Center and Dr. Faheem Inayatali at the Eye Center of Houston spoke about their endeavors to bring eye care to people who need it the most.

Dr. Carver-Schemper’s first mission came in 2014 when she traveled to India to provide vision care to a group of orphan children. In recent years she’s visited the Dominican Republic on a similar mission, including one just completed this year.

Dr. Inayatali said that his practice serves many people in need in the Houston area and abroad. He believes in the duty to help where he can and seeing the reaction on a patient’s face when they receive a donated pair of glasses is the ultimate reward.

Listen to the episode here:


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