Prime Nexus℠

Reimagine patient engagement with Prime NexusSM the next generation for patient relationship management system

Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in the eye care industry, we designed a state-of-the-art, eye care-exclusive patient messaging system, Prime NexusSM. Our smart, intuitive solution enables you to optimize appointment scheduling, increase patient retention and streamline office efficiencies—all key to growing today's modern optometry practice.

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A Patient Relationship Management Solution Exclusively for Eye Care

Automated Recalls and Appointment Reminders via Text, Email and Phone

Select the preferred timing, channel, and frequency of communications and your patients will automatically be messaged via text, email and/or phone. Bring patients in the door and save your staff time with our automated recalls and appointment reminders.

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling

Prime NexusSM seamlessly integrates with major practice management systems so that appointment confirmations are automatically updated in your practice management system calendar.

Simple Review Management

You need an effective system to view, evaluate, and respond to your patient feedback. Prime NexusSM can help you do this with customizable patient surveys that you can send right after their appointment, when the office visit experience is still fresh in their minds. You can set up the message to include a brief survey and invitation to post reviews on Yelp, Google, Health Grades, and/or Vital. Plus, we make it easy to reply to reviews in-app.

Turnkey Patient Outreach Emails

A good patient relationship extends beyond a good office visit and timely appointment reminders. Communication between office visits is key to staying top of mind with your

patients. With several custom branded pre-written email campaigns, from trunk shows to happy birthday greetings, Prime NexusSM makes staying in touch easier than ever.

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