Patient Retention

A key component of practice building is retaining existing patients while bringing new patients into the practice.

There’s no doubt that contact lenses provide a wide array of benefits, but despite those benefits, many new wearers drop out of lenses shortly after starting.

Every chapter of life presents new vision-related issues and concerns for a patient—and new opportunities for ECPs to help. The more effectively ECPs can shepherd patients through milestones, the more valuable they will be to patients and the more loyalty they will inspire.

Direct your patients to Help For New Lens Wearers, where they will find clear, easy-to-follow tips for inserting their lenses for the first time, proper cleaning and care, and what to watch for in the first days of lens wear.

Maintaining a high retention rate now requires that practitioners stay connected and engaged with patients between office visits. Two of the most powerful tools for doing so are automation and marketing.