Educational Grants and Sponsorships FAQs

Not sure if you’re eligible for an Educational Grant or Sponsorship? Take a moment to review the answers to these common applicant questions. If you still have questions, please email
Medical Education Activities are non-promotional activities conducted by third parties independent of CooperVision to support eye care practitioners in increasing their knowledge about an identified healthcare topic and the full range of treatment options available. All medical education activities eligible for Grant support require that the requesting organization is responsible for development and control of all content, materials, budget, and selection of faculty independent of any CooperVision representative.

CooperVision may support the following types of educational activities and initiatives:

  • Wet labs
  • Residency or student training programs
  • Training workshops
  • Conferences and annual meetings
  • Other applicable educational activities or initiatives

Organizations eligible to request Grants from CooperVision include, but are not limited to:

  • Accredited CME organizations (a.k.a. accredited providers)
  • Non-accredited medical education/communication companies (MECCs) that regularly conduct independent medical education events
  • Institutions, such as universities, medical schools, or healthcare facilities (e.g., hospitals, or clinics) that regularly conduct independent medical educational events
  • Healthcare-related professional organizations (e.g., professional associations or societies)
  • Consumer and patient advocacy organizations
  • Other organizations that regularly conduct education activities such as national private foundations providing or supporting broad education initiatives

The following types of activities are not eligible for Educational Grant support:

  • Programs not approved by CooperVision prior to the date of the event
  • Requests outside the areas of CooperVision’s business, educational or research interest
  • Requests from individual Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs), private practice groups, family- or physician-controlled private foundations, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) or Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • Trade shows, corporate sponsorships or exhibit booths
  • Travel, lodging or other personal expense
An organization that provides accredited education, either as a main or ancillary objective, is considered an Accredited Education Provider. This can be a public educational institution as well as a private enterprise, non-governmental organization, or non-educational public body.
COPE Accredited CE includes continuing education (CE) activities produced and delivered by COPE Administrators and Providers in compliance with the COPE Accreditation Criteria, Standards for Integrity and Independence, policies and procedures.
Yes, CooperVision offers the option of representative support for applications requesting product/in-kind support. In some cases, specific equipment or devices (e.g., ortho-k) require accompaniment by a CooperVision representative to ensure equipment is safely demonstrated and maintained throughout the event. The purpose of CooperVision representation at an event is strictly non-promotional.
Yes, you can indicate the event information for each workshop on the application.
Please direct any Grant questions or inquiries to:
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Nothing beyond an acknowledgement in the program materials. CooperVision complies with the recommendations and guidance of the ACCME, AMA, and FDA regarding gifts and commercial support, and is ethically prohibited from receiving anything of value in exchange for Grant / Sponsorship funding.