Current Events: The CDC encourages safe lens practices with 4th annual Contact Lens Health Week

Contact Lens Health Week

The CDC will host its 4th annual Contact Lens Health Week from August 21-25 this year as an ongoing message to consumers to take proper care of their contact lenses.  The #OnePairTakeCare campaign seeks to remind patients that they only have one pair of eyes and should embrace healthy contact lens practices for life in order to keep their eyes healthy for the long term.
According to the CDC, “the campaign includes messages for children, young adults, and their parents about starting healthy contact lens habits early. Practicing proper contact lens wear and care habits from an early age can promote good vision and healthy eyes throughout life.”

In addition to a vast social media campaign, the CDC offers free promotional tools, posters and other resources that practitioners can use in their offices to encourage healthy lens practices with their own patients.  The Contact Lens Health Week campaign messages cover three key areas: 

⦁    Healthy contact lens hygiene habits
⦁    Proper use, care, and storage of contact lenses and supplies
⦁    Regular visits to an eye care provider

Practitioners are encouraged to use the #OnePairTakeCare hashtag in all social media posts and to direct patients to the campaign web page for articles and instructions on contact lens safety.  In addition to those resources, CooperVision provides a complete set of consumer-targeted instruction booklets on our website.  These booklets are product-specific and include advice on personal cleanliness for handling and insertion, lens care instructions, troubleshooting tips and modality-specific recommendations for both lens replacement and practitioner visits.  Encourage your patients to download and print their own instruction booklet, tailored to the CooperVision product you have prescribed for them.  These and other resources can be found at

Healthy habits mean healthy eyes

For more information on Contact Lens Health Week, a campaign promotion toolkit, free posters, and other resources for promoting healthy contact lens wear and care throughout the year, visit