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Multifocal fitting

What OptiExpert can do for your practice

OptiExpert from CooperVision® is the easy-to-use multifocal fitting calculator that streamlines the patient fitting process for CooperVision lenses in ways that can profoundly benefit your practice:

  • Demonstrates your practice’s commitment to innovative vision care solutions
  • Minimizes chair time by accurately recommending multifocal powers
  • Maximizes patient satisfaction through efficient, successful multifocal fittings
100% of wearers were successfully fitted with clariti® 1 day multifocal using 2 pairs of lenses or less with the OptiExpert tool1
98% of wearers can be successfully fitted with Biofinity® multifocal using 2 pairs of lenses or less with the OptiExpert tool lens recommendation2

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See the OptiExpert App in action and see how easy fitting your patients can be.

A fellow practitioner’s praise for OptiExpert.

"Increasing my rate of first-fit success is very important to our patients, our practice and ultimately, our profitability."
- Michael Cymbor, O.D.
"I believe tools like this make us better at what we do."
- Michael Cymbor, O.D.
"When I make the right choice the first time, chair time is significantly reduced."
- Michael Cymbor, O.D.
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*Multifocal contact lens fitting made easy, fast and accurate thanks to OptiExpert. OptiExpert can be used to save valuable chair time by accurately recommending Biofinity® multifocal powers.
1 Using OptiExpert. Based on retrospective analysis of 26 patients (52 eyes) with subjective refractions ranging between +5.00D to -6.00D and 2264 ≤-1.00D cylinder. 2 CVI data on file 2019. Retrospective analysis; N=55 subjects (110 eyes); DV Rx +1.25D to -3.25D, ADD powers +1.25 to +2.50DS

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