Academics Overview

Student Programs Available Through CooperVision

CooperVision is committed to educating and advancing the next generation of eye care professionals. From support and partnership in academic optometric programs to providing hands-on experience with fitting contact lenses, CooperVision is passionate about partnering with the eye care professionals of tomorrow. The programs below provide a unique opportunity for students to bring topical information to life, enhance their education and provide support for underserved communities.

Best Practices Student Scholarship
Attend the Best Practices Summit
This is an opportunity to network with top practices in the country at the Best Practices Summit, which honors our industry’s finest eye care professionals and their dedication to innovation, leadership, patient care and community service.

Eligibility: Third-year optometry students in good academic standing

Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH)
Student Chapters (SVOSH)
Bring optometry care to developing countries
Help bring vision care to people in developing nations around the world. VOSH is present in most optometry schools and colleges, and members participate in mission trips to serve populations in need with eye examinations and the fitting of glasses.

Eligibility: All optometry schools and colleges that are registered as student chapters with VOSH International

Student Complimentary Lens Program
Complimentary 6-month supply of CooperVision lenses
Receive a complimentary 6-month supply of CooperVision lenses during each year of optometry school education through the Student Complimentary Lens Program. This program is designed to familiarize students with a variety of CooperVision products.

Eligibility: All optometry students

Soft Toric and Presbyopic Lens Education Program® (STAPLE)
Hands-on workshops on fitting toric and multifocal lenses
The STAPLE Program® provides contact lens fitting experience through hands-on workshops to optometry students in the United States and Canada. Program participants gain valuable experience in fitting soft toric and soft multifocal contact lenses on patients recruited specifically for the event.

Eligibility: Second- and third-year optometry students

Serve underprivileged patients
Each student is able to "adopt" a deserving low-income patient from their community and provide them with an annual supply of CooperVision soft contact lenses after completing care.

Eligibility: Determined by clinic director at each school; generally, third- and fourth- year students

Student Contact Lens Leadership Society & Student Myopia Leadership Society
Connect students to CooperVision and the contact lens industry
Both the Student Contact Lens Leadership Society and the Student Myopia Leadership Society are intended to provide an insight opportunity for an optometry student at each school and college of optometry in the United States who may be interested in pursuing a career in the contact lens industry. The student will learn more about the contact lens industry, enhance their contact lens education and gain insight into optometric employment opportunities in industry post-graduation. The student will also have a number of opportunites to connect with CooperVision leadership, collaborate with their peers and learn from leaders in the optometric profession. The student will work with CooperVision’s academic sales representative and members of the professional and academic affairs team to identify and facilitate opportunities for CooperVision to sponsor and participate in educational activities.

Eligibility: Any optometry student from either the second- or third-year class can be selected by their faculty

Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program Certification
Get certified to manage myopia with MiSight® 1 day and Paragon CRT®
Understand the gravity of myopia and it’s progression so you can communicate effectively to parents and their children with myopia. This is about moving beyond vision correction and slowing the progression of myopia so that each and every child has a chance at a more Brilliant Future.

Eligibility: Typically third- and fourth-year optometry students

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