From age 40 onward, you may naturally experience changes in your vision known as presbyopia: this condition- which progresses over time- can make it more challenging to read and see things up close. Due to these changes, your existing contact lenses may no longer provide you with clear vision at all distances.

The CooperVision Binocular  Progressive System® uses an innovative technology system that provides great vision up close, far away, and in between, for all levels of presbyopia.1

Binocular Progressive System Technology - CooperVision

How it works

The CooperVision Binocular Progressive System® features contact lenses with varying powers and designs, for varying levels of presbyopia. Your eye care professional will choose the ideal combination of lenses to meet your vision correction needs.1

As your vision changes over time, your eye care professional will simply prescribe a new pair of lenses, much like what happens with your glasses, so you can continue to enjoy great vision, even as your presbyopia advances.

Aquaform® Technology also creates a highly breathable contact lens that’s perfect for daily wear. Air flows freely through the lenses so your eyes get 100% of the oxygen they need* to help them stay healthy1.


MyDay® family - Contact Lens


A system of contact lens designs crafted to help provide you with clear vision at all distances.1


MyDay® family - Contact Lens


Each lens within the system contains power areas for correcting near, intermediate and distance vision.


MyDay® family - Contact Lens


A system approach that allows you to stay in MyDay ® daily disposable multifocal even your presbyopia advances.1

Enjoy clear vision at every distance with our innovative multifocal contact lens system1 -ask your eye care professional about contact lenses with the CooperVision Binocular Progressive System®.

Where you can find this technology:


Tell your eye care professional you’d like to MyDay multifocal contact lenses with Binocular Progressive System™ Technology.

* During daily wear.


CVI data on fil e, 2020 . Prospective, double-masked, bilateral, one-week dispensing study with MyDay multifocal; n=102 habitual multifocal contact lens wearers.