CooperVision pioneered Aquaform Technology to help provide great vision and incredible comfort1.

Aquaform Technology illustration.

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Aquaform® Technology is an innovative contact lens material technology that results in natural wettability and incredible comfort*.

Hydrated to twice their weight in water, our contact lenses are underpinned by proprietary technology that attracts and anchors water molecules to unique chains of silicone throughout the entire lens material from the core to the surface to deliver high levels of oxygen and help retain moisture all day2

That’s one of the reasons more than 24 million wearers of CooperVision contact lenses with Aquaform technology enjoy the incredible comfort that their eyes deserve every day1.


naturally wettable


Naturally wettable, so your lenses stay moist and comfortable without the need for surface coatings or added wetting agents in the lens material2.

comfortable contact lenses


Helps retain moisture2.



Delivers high levels of oxygen2.

Aquaform® Technology at work

Where you can find this technology:


Ask your eye care professional about MyDay® and Biofinity® contact lenses, featuring our premium contact lens technology, Aquaform® Technology.


* During daily wear.


1. CVI Data on file, 2022. Based on global product sales and internal estimates of products using Aquaform® Technology over 12 months in 2022.
2. CVI data on file 2022.