Phones, tablets and laptops; morning, noon and night. We’re always on, all the time. 

11+ hours.

Adults spend on average 11 hours a day1 on digital devices.

67% reporting 2 or more devices used simultaneously2.

59% of adults experience digital eye strain symptoms.

59% of people report experiencing symptoms of eye strain3.

Lens Design to Help Reduce Eye Tiredness

An innovative single vision aspheric lens design that delivers a +0.3D boost, which helps reduce eye tiredness associated with digital device use.




DigitalBoost technology wearers were significantly more likely than sphere wearers to say4:


  • Their eyes felt less tired during or after working with a computer*.
  • They didn't have to strain to see well after some time working with a computer**.
  • Their eyes hurt less when working with a computer.
  • They didn't have to blink a lot while using the computer at work.
  • They didn't have heavy eyes at the end of a working day.

Where you can find this technology:



Tell your eye care professional you’d like to try Biofinity Energys® or MyDay Energys® contact lenses with DigitalBoost technology.


 *After 2 weeks of daily wear Biofinity 4,5 ± 1,4 and Biofinity Energys® 3,1 ± 1,5; p<0.05. 

**After 2 weeks of daily wear Biofinity 2,8 ± 0,8 and Biofinity Energys® 1,9 ± 1,0; p<0.05. 

†After 2 weeks Biofinity 2,9 ± 0,6 and Biofinity Energys® 2,2 ± 0,6; p<0.05. 

‡After 2 weeks of daily wear Biofinity 3,0 ± 0,5 and Biofinity Energys® 2,0 ± 0,8; p<0.05.

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