Delivering Biofinity® performance to contact lens wearers who are both astigmatic and presbyopic. 

At a glance
  • Optimized Toric Lens Geometry®
  • Balanced Progressive™ Technology
  • Aquaform® Technology
  • All Biofinity contact lenses provide a remarkable balance of comfort, breathability and excellent visual performance.

You have astigmatism, but your vision has evolved and you now also face the challenge of presbyopia – a condition that can make up-close objects appear blurry. But your new vision challenges don’t mean you have to settle for reading glasses. CooperVision® Biofinity® toric multifocal contact lenses combine proven lens design technologies to keep your vision crisp and clear at every distance, every day. Like all Biofinity® family lenses, they provide 100% of the oxygen your eyes need*1 to help them stay healthy, and give your eyes the natural wettability and comfort needed to keep your life in focus.

  • Optimized Toric Lens Geometry® incorporates special design features to provide predictable orientation and stable fit for consistently clear vision.
  • Balanced Progressive™ Technology provides multiple correction zones in each lens that are tailored to your personal prescription, to help you see clearly at all distances. 
  • Aquaform® Technology locks in water – so you can have incredible comfort all day long – and helps your eyes stay clear and white, by delivering the oxygen your eyes need*.
  • All Biofinity contact lenses provide a remarkable balance of comfort, breathability and excellent visual performance. 
  • Made to order, with over 200,000 prescription options to fit your specific prescription needs.2

* During daily wear

1. Brennan NA: Beyond flux: Total corneal oxygen consumption as an index of corneal oxygenation during contact lens wear. Optom Vis Sci. 2005;82(6):467-472.

2. CVI data on file 2019. Based on total number of prescription option combinations (for sphere, cylinder, axis and add - including D & N combinations) manufactured.

Aquaform® Technology

A combination of material technologies resulting in a uniquely comfortable and high-performance contact lens.

Balanced Progressive® Technology

An advanced design containing multiple zones of vision correction in both lenses, allowing for clear vision up close, at middle distances, and far away.