• Biofinity toric lenses

Get the best of both worlds: Superior vision and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience.

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At a glance
  • Monthly replacement
  • Designed for stability, clarity and comfort
  • Natural wettability for incredible, long-lasting comfort and clarity
  • Highly breathable for clear, white*, and healthier eyes
  • Extended range of lenses available to correct higher degrees of astigmatism along with nearsightedness or farsightedness

The Perfect Solution for Astigmatism

With Biofinity toric lenses you can enjoy superior vision and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience—for up to seven days in a row.

The credit goes to a special toric lens design. We call it Optimized Toric Lens Geometry. It’s designed for stability, clarity and comfort. Not only does Optimized Toric Lens Geometry provide sharper vision by reducing lens movement when you blink, it also results in a smoother lens designed for comfort when you blink.

Only Biofinity toric lenses are preferred overwhelmingly by people with astigmatism
Here’s what Biofinity toric lens wearers reported**:

  • 100% of Biofinity toric lens wearers rated the lenses as comfortable, overall
  • More wearers rated comfort throughout the day, overall vision and overall lens performance as ‘much better’ or ‘better’ with Biofinity toric vs. their usual lens***
  • For vision quality during the day, patients rated Biofinity toric lenses 88 out of 100***
  • For end of day vision stability, patients rated Biofinity toric lenses 86 out of 100***
  • Over two thirds of Biofinity lens wearers rated their intermediate and distance vision as clear
  • Almost two thirds of Biofinity lens wearers rated their near vision as very or perfectly clear

And if you have astigmatism and a high prescription, our extended range Biofinity XR toric lenses may be the answer. They provide all the benefits of Biofinity toric lenses in a new, extended range of lenses optimized to correct higher degrees of astigmatism along with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

**Data on file.
***After 4 weeks of wear.

The Ideal Balance of Everything You Want in a Lens

Biofinity contact lenses incorporate the optimal balance of lens material, surface design and optics to provide remarkable comfort, breathability and visual performance in the broadest range of prescriptions.

Lens material: Hydration and clear, white* healthier eyes
Biofinity lenses are naturally wettable. That’s because our Aquaform® Technology allows the lenses to retain water molecules—even through extended periods of wear. This helps keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable. Aquaform Technology also creates breathability in Biofinity lenses. That means oxygen can efficiently pass through the silicone hydrogel lens material to reach your eyes. And that helps keep your eyes clear, white* and healthier.

Surface design: Smooth and comfortable
Biofinity lenses have a smooth, naturally wettable surface with a specially rounded edge design. This minimizes any feeling of the lens edge against your eyelid when you  blink.

Optics: Matched to your prescription
Biofinity lenses feature unique optics that are specifically matched to each wearer’s prescription. That meansyour Biofinity lenses will be designed to work in harmony with your eyes.

Find out more about Biofinity technology. And talk to your eye care professional about the premium lens-wearing experience you can only get from  Biofinity.

*High oxygen transmissibility promotes clear, white  eyes.

Aquaform® Technology

A combination of material technologies resulting in a uniquely comfortable and high-performance contact lens.

Product details

Astigmatism: A condition derived from a cornea or lens that’s stretched into an irregular shape, making images appear blurry.

Replacement schedule

Monthly. Lenses are to be discarded and replaced with a new lens once a month.

UV Protection

No, these lenses do not provide UV protection. For this feature, consider our Avaira family of contacts.


Aquaform Technology, which provides natural wettabillity by binding water to the lens, without the need for additional surface treatments or wetting agents.

Lenses per box


Patient instruction

Go to the Patient Instruction page. This page contains important information and instructions. Please read carefully and keep this information for future use.