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At a glance
  • Convenient daily replacement schedule
  • Supports excellent all-day comfort
  • The healthier1 advantages of silicone hydrogel
  • UV blocker2
  • Vision correction for nearsightedness and farsightedness

Get out there. MyDay® lenses will keep up.

CooperVision® MyDay® lenses feature everything you need for an exceptional overall daily disposable experience:  all-day comfort, easy lens insertion and removal, and a highly breathable lens that helps provides a healthier1 lens-wearing experience. Lenses you’ll put in and forget about until you’re ready to call it a day. 

Breathable Design That Locks in Moisture

MyDay lenses feature our exclusive Aquaform® Technology. This combination of material technologies provides a comfortable, high-performance lens that provides natural moisture and breathability. Aquaform Technology, which is only available through CooperVision, also helps to makes the MyDay lens exceedingly soft—our softest silicone hydrogel lens ever.3


1. With higher oxygen permeability than hydrogel materials, silicone hydrogel contact lenses minimize or eliminate hypoxia-related signs and symptoms during lens wear.
2. Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses are not substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear, such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. Patients should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.
3. Compared among CooperVision silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Data on file.

Product details

Nearsightedness and farsightedness: In nearsightedness, close objects are seen clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred; in farsightedness, distant objects are usually seen clearly, but close ones do not come into proper focus.

Replacement Schedule

Daily.  Lenses are to be discarded and replaced with a new lens daily.

UV Protection

Helps block the sun’s harmful rays with UV blocker that supports ocular health3